Susan Erwin with producer David Norris of Norrisong Productions, Nashville, TN

Susan Erwin with producer David Norris of Norrisong Productions, Nashville, TN

Debut Album


Album Title: Painting You Gone, 2015

Track Titles/Writers:

  • Painting You Gone (Norris/Erwin)
  • You Might But I Don't (Norris/Story/Erwin)
  • Could've Been You (Goodwin/Norris/Erwin)
  • Chalklines (Carver/Norris/Erwin)
  • Love Train (Norris/Deaton/Erwin)
  • When You Come Around (Norris/Anderson/Erwin)
  • Just Past Closing Time (Norris/Erwin/McKillip)
  • I Lied (Norris/Erwin/Story)
  • How Can I Miss You (Norris/Anderson/Erwin)
  • Love Love Love (Norris/Deaton/Erwin)
  • The Clown Is Still Alive (Norris/Halbig/Erwin)
  • Wasted Love (Norris/Goodwin/Erwin)


Christmas Single: Christmas In The Air (Norris/Deaton/Erwin) released Holiday Season 2014.

~ Rising Grammy-nominated producer David Norris of Norrisong Productions, Nashville, TN

~Butch Stone, legendary manager and concert promoter.  Proud to announce his involvement and management as of October 2014.

~Gray Gregson, a music veteran of 30+ years and co-writer of the Blues Song Of The Year “Let It Rain”. Introduced me to David Norris.

~Mike Kinnamon, a music veteran of 30+ years, a mentor and has worked with Lynyrk Skynyrd, The Almond Brothers, 38 Special and Behring Strait.

~Jeffrey Sochrin, Radio DJ and personality. Contributor and Radio Debut with Island 92, St. Maarten, Netherlands-Antilles (Caribbean)

~Roger Dean Dickson - Contributor and Personal Friend.

~Erica York Photography, my chosen photographer for album artwork and cover

~Thom Bresh - World class guitar player, son of Merle Travis, Grammy-nominated, Academy Award-nominated "entertainer" of many art forms. Accolades so many and honored to be in his presence. Film and Videographer.

~Flip Anderson - Tracey Lawrence's producer, keyboardist and songwriter

~Erik Halbig - Songwriter and Guitarist for Thompson Square

~John Goodwin -  Co-writer of "Hold on You" from the movie Crazy Heart sound track.  Has had cuts with Brad Paisley, Chris Cagle, Sebastian Bach, Jeff Bridges, Rita Coolidge, Mark Slaughter, Winger, Kim Carnes, Jason Reeves, Brenda Russell and a new soon to be released Michael McDonald album, Surf's Up move, Tideland movie, Hard Promises movie and numerous other film and TV placements.

~Ryan Story - Nashville Songwriter & Artist

~Lala Deaton - Songwriter, Background Vocals & Sister Norrisong Artist

~Lisa Carver - Carver has had cuts by other artists, ranging from Sugarland, Julie Roberts, Reba, Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson, and Jill Johnson, to Tanya Tucker. Her single with Sugarland, “Everyday America” was the theme song for Good Morning America as well. Carver has had songs placed in TV shows such as One Life To Live, Grey’s Anatomy and Army Wives.

~Neil McKillip - Songwriter & Artist

~Vickie Raye Petterman - Background Vocals

~Abigail George - Background Vocals

Nashville Music Row Album Tracking Locations:
~OmniSound Studios in November 2013
~Catch This Music (the old Bayou Studios) in July 2014

Studio Musicians:
~Zach Allen - Album Engineer at Catch This Music on music row
~Danny Parks - Acoustic/Electric Guitar
~Andy Hull - Percussion
~Dane Bryant - Keys/Organ
~Michael Rinne - Bass
~Jim Hoke - Horns Arranger/Leader
~Steve Herrman - Horns
~Jim Hyatt - Bass
~Michael Severs - Acoustic/Electric Guitar
~Wayne Killius - Percussion
~Bruce Bouton - Pedal Steel